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Electric fragrance oil burner

Electric fragrance oil burner
30 ml
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Novelty !!!

Height of the burner: 17 cm
Width of the burner: 15 cm
Depth of the burner: 15 cm

Scenting space: covers up to 80m²

Electric fragrance oil burner Pure Home Pure is a combination of a style, scent and extreme safety. Beautiful wooden shape of a fragrance burner allows on placing it in every interior and any selected scent from the wide range of available notes shall take us into a different world.

Electric burner works through vaporizing the aroma from lava stones placed on a ceramic tray, which is warmed by a special heating plate. Relevant temperature allows on releasing the perfume from stones. Incredible small fragrance particles enable to scent big spaces, as well as to create so-called fragrance lagoons. They easily join the air particles and last for a long time.

The set includes: fragrance oil burner, ceramic tray for stones, lava scent stones, an 30 ml fragrance that lasts even up to 90 days.

Maximum temperature of a heating plate: 95°C
Power of a heating plate: 20 W
Input voltage of power supply: 20-230 V, 50/60 Hz, ~1 A
Output voltage of power supply: 12 V, -- 2,5 A

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