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Fragrance oil burner STEEL 3 white

Fragrance oil burner STEEL 3 whiteFragrance oil burner STEEL 3 white
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Height of the burner: 11 cm
Width of the burner: 15 cm
Depth of the burner: 15 cm

Scenting space: covers up to 60 m²

STEEL fragrance oil burners are elegant decorations for a house, an apartment or a hotel.  They are made of the highest quality steel covered with glossy paint and equipped with a ceramic base, where lava scent stones, which allow fragrance to fill an entire room, are placed. They match perfectly to modern rooms, but also traditional apartments or offices. Stones are warmed from the bottom and release fragrance that creates pleasant ambience in a more efficient and lasting way than regular air fresheners.

The set includes: fragrance oil burner, ceramic tray for stones, lava scent stones, tealights (18 pcs.) and a home fragrance that lasts even up to 60 days.

NOTICE! Only our original tealights shall ensure right work of the fragrance oil burner.

Our tealights:

  • big flame
  • right temperature
  • long burning time

Some parts of packages may change.

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